Entertainment Selection

More than just music, Royce Studio Events has entertainment options to suit every special event. We work with an extensive roster of popular entertainers including musicians, magicians, dancers, motivational speakers and cultural performers to complement our clients' gala evenings. We offer a wide range of music options from quiet classical and jazz groups delivering a sophisticated musical backdrop to your event, to high energy contemporary acts famous for filling the dance floor. Quality is a must, in any case.

Our idea is to make sure the guests are participants rather than just spectators. We also have a wide range of activities, which can serve as excellent ways to work team spirit into any event. We can also organise games where your guests can win prizes and compete to raise money for charity. We also provide a wide range of children''s activities, so your event can be fun for the whole family. Importantly, we'll help you choose the right entertainment that fits your budget. We can also suggest cost-saving options for other aspects of the event.